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The latest Asterisk Management script version is 2.4 that was released on 12th November, 2014.

Asterisk is a great open source PBX VoIP system. This Asterisk Management script was written for ease of Asterisk maintenance. Originally it was written for handling Asterisk running on top of Tomato firmware but since version 1.4 it can be run on any Linux and Unix operation systems. Asterisk Management script can handle Asterisk configuration files, view peers, channels, calls, log files and system status.

Version 2.x screen shots

File Editor


Others: Show SIP Peers, Calls, Logs and System Status.

1. Install Asterisk Management on OpenWrt

This shows how to setup Asterisk Management for mini_httpd.

cd /www
wget asteriskGUI-2.x.zip
unzip asteriskGUI-2.x.zip
mkdir cgi-bin
mv asterisk.sh cgi-bin
chmod 755 cgi-bin/asterisk.sh
Set operation_system_variant="openwrt" in the asterisk.sh script

Server URL: http://asterisk.server.com/asterisk.html

2. Changes

11/12/2014, version 2.4
  • fix start page selection listing in Settings
  • fix log file escape characters

03/02/2013, version 2.3
  • support Asterisk 11.x

05/02/2012, version 2.2
  • support Asterisk 1.8.x
  • remove sending files from asterisk.sh script

06/01/2010, version 2.1
  • add show registry
  • add show loaded modules
  • add show Asterisk information on status page

24/12/2009, version 2.01
  • add advanced parsing option
  • fix saving files plus sign is not encoded correctly

13/11/2009, version 2.0
  • it is completely rewritten using AJAX technology
  • improve graphic and layout

21/5/2009, version 1.6
  • improve CSS
  • parse log file

31/7/2007, version 1.5
  • improve HTML and CSS
  • change from HTML to XHTML 1.1

8/7/2007, version 1.4
  • combine DD-WRT and Unslung scripts into 1
  • modify the script that works on any Linux and Unix operation systems
  • support OpenWrt

25/1/2007, version 1.3
  • show calls in reverse order

20/1/2007, version 1.2
  • parse Master.csv file for view calls

1/1/2007, version 1.1
  • add Asterisk version 1.4 support