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The latest FIVN Player version for S60 3rd Edition is 2.72 that was released on 23th May, 2011.


FIVN Player 2.72

It's free!

FIVN Player LogoFIVN Player for S60 3rd Edition

Version 2.72 Note

It's free now!

The previous version should be removed to install this version.

1. Introduction

FIVN Player is created for easy and simple to use. It has a lot of functions, settings and it supports many sound formats.

FIVN Player uses phone plug-ins to play sound files. Formats that the player tries to check if they can be played are: aac, amr, mid, mp3, mp4, ogg, wav and wma.

FIVN Player supports equaliser, bass booster and stereo widening. Those features are enabled only if the phone supports them.

FIVN Player supports sleep timer functionality to provide the application to close after defined time or when a clip ends.

2. Using FIVN Player

FIVN Player can be controlled by the navigation keys. The functions for each key are:
  • Selection Key to play/pause the sound
  • Scroll Up to scroll the previous sound
  • Scroll Down to scroll the next sound
  • Scroll Left to reduce the volume
  • Scroll Right to increase the volume

Other function keys are:
  • (0), (0) to reset the play list
  • (1), (3) to scroll the previous sound
  • (2), (5) to stop the playing sound
  • (3), (9) to scroll the next sound
  • (4), (2) to rewind the sound*
  • (5), (6) to play/pause the sound
  • (6), (8) to fast forward the sound*
  • (7), (1) to scroll the previous page
  • (8), (4) to go the current sound
  • (9), (7) to scroll the next page

* quick press for 20 seconds, long press for time increment

The first column key numbers are for the portrait layout.

The second column key numbers are for the landscape layout. It is valid only when the keypad remap feature is enabled in the Settings and the Options menu shows on the right at the bottom.

Functions in the Options menu are:
  • To set a play position, select Commands > Set play position
  • To view details of a clip, select Commands > View details
  • To refresh list, select Commands > Refresh list
  • To select a preset, select it in the Equaliser menu
  • To disable/enable stereo widening, select Stereo widening > Off/On
  • To disable/enable bass booster, select Bass booster > Off/On
  • To set sleep timer, select Sleep timer > Set timer/After clip end

3. Settings

Settings for FIVN Player are:
  • Playback mode to set the playback mode. Normal means to play sounds from the top to the bottom. Random means to play every sound once randomly. Repeat means to play sounds repeatedly.
  • Repeat to set how many times the sound is repeated. It is in effect only when Repeat is selected in the Playback mode.
  • Search folders to set folders to be searched. If All is selected, other selections will be deselected.
  • Search formats to set sound formats that the player tries to search. This shows only those formats that the player can play.
  • Custom folders to set drives and folders separated by semicolon.
  • Sort by name to set sorting sounds in alphabetical order.
  • Keypad remap to remap the keypad when the screen on the landscape layout and the Options menu shows on the right at the bottom.
  • Play on start to set playing a sound when FIVN Player is started.
  • Icon animation to set icon animation.

4. Hardware Requirement

FIVN Player is based on Nokia S60 3rd Edition. It has been tested on Nokia 3250, Nokia 5700, Nokia 6110, Nokia E60, Nokia E65, Nokia E72, Nokia N95 and Nokia N96.

5. Localization

Supported languages are: English and Vietnamese.

6. Screen Shots

Searching List
Searching Play list
Commands Equalizer
Commands Equalizer
Details Formats
Clip details Sound formats
Settings 1 Settings 2
Settings Settings
Landscape layout

7. Changes

23/5/2011, version 2.72
  • Disabled the license key registration system

4/10/2008, version 2.71
  • Fixed random playback mode

21/2/2008, version 2.7

New features:
  • Sleep timer (time base or clip end base)
  • Rewind/fast forward dual mode (quick press for 20 seconds, long press for time increment)
  • View clip details
  • Custom folders (can be set to any drives and folders)
  • Marque for clip long name

  • Power consumption optimization
  • Memory use optimization
  • Quick response with user interaction
  • Meet more "Symbian Signed" specifications

  • Not show file name extensions in the list
  • Swap button 2 and 5 functionalities
  • From protected UID to unprotected UID

  • Play position can be set more than 34 minutes
  • Not overload CPU when receive calls
  • The software crashes when the next song is being initialized and volume is adjusted at the same time

  • Help (does not work with unprotected UID)

24/9/2007, version 2.51
  • Fixed to not listing Nokia ring tone files